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All are Welcome!
Join us Sundays @ 11:00am
Accueil Hall - Centre Richelieu Vanier
300 Des Pères-Blancs
Vanier (Ottawa), ON K1L 7L5

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Our services are often interactive and we have a wide range of worship styles from classic hymns to modern, depending on who is leading.

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Church Office & Mailing Address:
235 Montreal Rd
Vanier (Ottawa), ON K1L 6C4

About Us

Pastor Bernard Sejour

We are a growing, diverse, multi-lingual Mennonite (Anabaptist) church community in Vanier. We want to help each other grow spiritually, help our neighbours and be a light in this community.

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We will have a movie night this Friday night at 7pm (at 235 Montreal Rd, RESDAC office, 2nd floor, to the right after the top of the stairs). Continuing on the 80s family movies from last month, it will be The NeverEnding Story. Again all are welcome and you are welcome to invite people. There will be popcorn (and air-conditioning, if I remember correctly).

See you there,
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June 12, 2016, Bernard Séjour, A New Identity, Matthew 3:13-17; 17:1-8

Are we glad to be here together?
Be in the presence of the Lord with joy.
As a Christian, our identity is as a child of God.
God loves you no matter what. What you do does not stop God from loving you.
What is your motivation in loving God? Is it consistent, sustainable?
We are beloved, the daughters and sons of God.
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Some thoughts from / inspired by Bernard Séjour's sermon, The Ultimate Way on June 5, 2016, Acts 1:1-14; 2:41-42,

Serve as a community and individual.
We come to church to leave changed.
When people see us today, how do they see us? How does our neighbourhood see us? our workplace? ... Do they come to us for words of comfort or do we complain about the same things? Are we socially inclusive?
How can we be the people of the Ultimate Way?
Follow the Ultimate Way. What do we say, do, think, feel, what are our values? Be filled with hope and pray.
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